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Verification of the rumors is a little hard to track down, however. View this post on Instagram. She had her own YouTube channels where she posted some content and she even showed up on a popular website for people looking for adult content. The rumor is she made a few videos with her sister, including one where her sister gives her a bath. They depend on government assistance or family support to pay for their basic necessities.

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Kiana. Age: 29.
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Now cancelled her operation on the spot.

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Joyce. Age: 31.
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'My 600-lb Life' Shocker: Is Gina Krasley A Porn Star?

The women on lb Sisters have a YouTube channel where they do makeup and cooking tutorials. Pauline Potter, who was featured on the show in , had her own channel on a site called "Supersized Bombshells". Now cancelled her operation on the spot.

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