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Movement in drunken boxing is relatively unique among martial arts in the frequency and degree in which it deviates from vertical posture , with the torso bent and twisted in all directions. The Eight Drunken Immortals. In this respect, drunken boxing could also be understood as a phenomenon within kung fu. Categories : Chinese martial arts Alcohol in China Buddhist martial arts. A great variety of kung fu schools have drunken styles, but the two major schools are the Buddhist and Daoist styles: [4].

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For example, in Shaolin luohan quan a drunken luohan steps forward, in Shaolin 18 luohan quan one of the 18 characters is a drunken luohan, and in Shaolin mad-devil staff [6] a drunken luohan sways to the sides with disorderly steps.

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Drunken boxing

A martial art may include a few drunken boxing techniques, one or more drunken boxing forms , a complementary drunken boxing fighting tactic, or a more developed drunken boxing sub-system. Retrieved 10 February Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Every lineage of Shaolin monks may have one or two barehanded [7] [8] [9] and one or a few weapon forms of zui quan.

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