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Despite the recent outcry that Chinese hackers have targeted U. Chinese hackers have reportedly infiltrated the Australian Reserve Bank, as well as government entities in Taiwan, Brunei, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries [sources: SaarinenTaipei Times ]. In a method markedly similar to attacks characteristic of the Chinese military, a group of hackers targeted the New York Times by routing e-mails through computers at U.

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But the next crisis might not come from a financial shock at all. The more likely culprit: a cyber attack that causes disruptions to financial services capabilities, especially payments systems, around the world. Criminals have always sought ways to infiltrate financial technology systems.

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T he global boom in online commerce has led to a cottage industry: billions of dollars in digital crime. In the past two decades, amateur hackers have grown into cyber criminals and stolen numerous passwords and money from consumers and businesses. Approximately 1.

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Cybercrime ceased to be the preserve of clever adolescents or amateur cyber criminals long ago. Cybercrime has become big business. Most worrying is that not only the "criminal elite" have jumped on this bandwagon but states too are becoming high-profile actors in this area and will even act in cahoots with criminal gangs. Technology-wise, ultimately no organisation can compete with these state actors who, on balance, have limitless expertise and resources at their disposal.

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Spray and prey: The researchers from Ben-Gurion University found security weaknesses in popular commercial irrigation systems that could allow hackers to turn them on and off remotely. Bad guys could trick them into watering by feeding the web-connected gadgets fake commands directly, or by serving up bogus weather data. The researchers claim a botnet of 1,odd sprinklers could empty an urban water tower in an hour, and around 24, could empty a flood water reservoir overnight.

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We use them to give you the best experience. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. In a race against the clock, candidates received calls from clients, bosses and government authorities.

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Anyone can download software from the internet. These days, all it takes is someone with a computer and access to the web. There are thousands of hacking and security programs that exist online.

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LONDON Reuters - The website attacks launched by supporters of WikiLeaks show 21st-century cyber warfare evolving into a more amateur and anarchic affair than many predicted. While most countries have ploughed much more attention and resources into cyber security in recent years, most of the debate has focused on the threat from militant groups such as al Qaeda or mainstream state on state conflict. But attempts to silence WikiLeaks after the leaking of someclassified State Department cables seem to have produced something rather different — something of a popular rebellion amongst hundreds or thousands of tech-savvy activists. You are the troops.

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Some have worried that the massive cyberattack that disrupted the Internet on Friday was the work of Russian government-backed hackers, politically motivated hacktivists or sophisticated cybercriminals. But researchers at cyber-intelligence firm Flashpoint say the Internet meltdown may have been carried out by amateurs who haunt a popular hacking forum. Flashpoint helped Web service provider Dyn determine that hacked Internet-connected devices were involved in the attack.

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Not all hackers are inherently bad. The terms come from old spaghetti westerns, where the bad guy wears a black cowboy hat, and the good guy wears a white hat. Like all hackers, black hat hackers usually have extensive knowledge about breaking into computer networks and bypassing security protocols.


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