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Going to spend the next week or so finishing up my series of reviews on the Escort series of Radar detectors. I have all the informaiton I need on the reaming models, and am just waiting on a few more tests in other areas. Right now, I am ready to give you my opinion of the now defunct Passport X50, an older model no longer supported by the firm.

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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Glen wrote: I know it's a bit more money, but i really like my Passport i. I think its worth the extra money.

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It is with this in mind that we give the sophisticated looking Escort Passport X50 Black Radar Detector a solid 4. The X50 black has an impressive all-band protection, with degree laser and radar protection. Firstly, we have Digital Signal Processing DSP which is capable of detecting maximum range signals with little to no false alarms.

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Remember to read the radar detector reviews carefully. Most commonly used police radar frequencies: K band From all radar detector reviews, we picked five of the best radar detectors to buy, they are:.

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The Escort ix has been out for quite some time now. Being built in the M4 platform, much like the Max2, it has been able to boast some impressive detection range. Although it has GPS built in, we will cover that in a bit.

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The Escort X50 is the next step in the evolution of the Escort brand and it contains all of the latest features available plus some new tech to keep you safe out on the road. Radar detection uses a beam of light in the radio frequency range to calculate how fast an object is moving based on the speed at which the beam of light leaves the radar device, reflects off the moving target, and then returns to the device. Over the last 25 years law enforcement have used Doppler radar, many wavelength bands such as S, K, Ka, infrared laserand now have included Pop radar into the options to catch those with a heavy foot.

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The Escort Passport X50 is a reliable radar detector with decent range and accuracy, but it doesn't compare to the best radar detectors available. Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Radar Detectors here.

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Escort products are aimed at the top end of the market, and the Escort X50 is one of the finest radar detectors in the world prior to the introduction of GPS with the ix. Delonix rate the Escort X50 as the number two choice for Western Australia. Thinking of buying a "brand new" radar detector off eBay?

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Escort radar detectors normally do come with a little bit of a price premium, nonetheless, what you enter return is a simplified and also enhanced customer experience. The advantage of purchasing straight is that Escort supplies a speeding ticket guarantee on a number of its detectors. If you get a speeding ticket while running an Escort radar detector, Escort will certainly cover the price of the ticket.

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Always observe posted speed limits. There — now we can discuss the best products for detecting radar and laser signals lidar used by police. You must first understand how police radar physically works radio waves that spread and bounce off multiple points, under specific frequencies regulated by the FCC and how it differs from police lidar laser light in the near-infrared spectrum that reflects from a single point.


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