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Bloody and discolored urine is a common reason cat guardians seek veterinary help. Fortunately, many cats experiencing blood in their urine have signs that resolve quickly with relatively simple treatments. What is hematuria?

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Skip to content. The most common behavior problem reported by pet parents of cats is inappropriate elimination. Urine marking is a form of indirect communication used by cats.

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One of my cats sometimes pees over the edge. At least I think it's just one of them. I have some very large high sided litter boxes but he sometimes chooses to pee over the lower entrance side.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read more here. What I'm saying is that training your cat to use an actual toilet is typically not a good idea. Whatever your reasons for wanting to toilet train your cat though, there are quite a few important reasons NOT to toilet train your cat that you really should consider first.

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Q: In the past year, my year-old Abyssinian cat started peeing all over my house. Cymba has already ruined an expensive oriental rug we've had dry cleaned but cannot get the smell out of. I have taken to keeping him in my bedroom with his food and litter box.

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I am an animal lover and a devoted cat person. I write helpful articles based on my experiences as a cat mom. You have a big problem: your cat, who was trained to use a litter box years ago, is suddenly peeing in random spots around your home.

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She's turned out to have a very nice personality and gets along well with my Yorkie. We believe that she's around four-years-old. I've tried putting her outside, but as she's declawed I can't leave her there indeed, I'm very nervous about her being out there at all.

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Join Now. At least 10 percent of cats develop elimination urination problems in their lifetimes. Pay close attention for clues to put an early end to a nasty problem for both you and the cat you love. You might wonder why your cat is not using her litter box anymore, especially if the behavior has only recently become habitual.

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Happy Litter Box reader, Lynne P. The result? Urine covered walls for Lynne to clean up!

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The cat is usually fastidious about its toilet habits and will consistently use a litter tray indoors if it is provided, or loose earth or sand outside in the garden. Therefore, if urine or faeces are discovered in the corner of the room it can be very worrying. Occasionally a one-off accident can occur if a cat is ill, trapped in a room or suddenly frightened.


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