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Not all boobs are exactly the same: Yours might be round, your sister's could be teardrop-shaped, your mother's east-west. You get the picture. We know that having asymmetrical breasts is totally normal.

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We know all breasts are not created equally—but did you know that experts have identified seven different types? Unsurprisingly, that means the process of finding the right bra for each person goes way beyond getting the right cup and band size down. Apparently, there's also width, length, and placement to think about, as these all affect what your set is like.

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You might even find that each breast needs a different shield size. The following information will help you choose the right size breast shield for your needs. The starting point for choosing the correct breast shield is to determine your optimal size based on your nipple diameter.

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Sagging breasts can be attributed to a number of things. Old age, menopause, breastfeeding, and many others are just a few. Some have natural downward-pointing breasts ingrained in their genetics, but the rest of us can't be perky forever. Breasts are bound to sag later in life.

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The endless search to find the right nursing bras for large breasts is a very real and common problem for some mums. One that is incredibly frustrating and seems like there is no solution for, but the good news is As a mum looking for big breasted nursing bras, finding a bra with the right style and support is a difficult challenge.

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Oh to be symmetrical! From variations in shape to a difference of over a cup size, a massive 88 per cent of women have a noticeable level of asymmetry up top. The clear fact is that no one is entirely balanced from head to toe, and no one has identical breasts.

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Just as the right clothes help you look and feel your best, the right bra could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your outfit. That's why when online lingerie outlet HerRoom released the infographic below-the best bras for your breast type! Especially because, according to Tomima Edmark, HerRoom's founder and a bra-fitting expert, women aren't as great at finding bras that fit their breasts as they are at choosing clothes that fit their bodies.

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Anyone who has worn an ill-fitting bra or the wrong bra size knows that doing so can ruin an otherwise flawless outfit—or worse, an entire day. The breast pain and backaches that can come with large breasts are nothing to joke about. Bra size is notoriously fickle between different lingerie brands; a C-cup at one store can easily be a D-cup at another, and some bra sizes can grow and shrink especially in band size over the course of a day or between washings. The best option is to know your bra size by taking bust measurements using these simple measuring instructions, which will ensure a perfect fit in band and in cup—and can even help you find the right amount of support.

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It is the stretching over time of these ligaments that causes the southerly movement of your breasts. And, the only way to stall this movement is to have your breasts fully supported, and their movement diminished throughout the day. All four breast positions identified below are very common.

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Having amazing breasts is something all women would love, regardless of their shape and size, and there are a few tricks we have up our sleeves to have them look gorgeous. Try to sleep as often as you can on your back at night to avoid developing wrinkles on your breasts. Sleeping on them will get your wrinkles over there and that's the last thing you need. Massaging your breasts regularly helps enhance their shape, size and overall attractiveness.


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