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Throughout the Arab world, gay, lesbian and transgender people face formidable obstacles to living a life of openness and acceptance in conservative societies. Although Jordan decriminalized same-sex behavior inthe gay community remains marginalized. In Saudi Arabia, homosexuality can be punished by flogging or death.

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Mar 6, Robert Schrader. One of the things that shocked me most during my travel to Lebanon in was how out-in-the-open the Beirut gay scene was. Many of the bars I visited my friend Rami seemed as obviously gay as places here in the United States.

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT persons living in Lebanon may face difficulties not experienced by non- LGBT residents, however, they are considerably more free than in other parts of the Arabic-speaking world. Various courts have ruled that Article of the Lebanese Penal Code, which prohibits having sexual relations that "contradict the laws of nature", should not be used to arrest LGBT people. InLGBT activists organised Lebanon's first pride parade, named Beirut Pride, but were forced to cancel due to terrorist threats from Islamic radicals.

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If you thought the video of the Islamists who got tortured and beaten in Roumieh prison was outrageous, wait till you hear this story. On June 9Omar was driving with his friend Samer to his house in the South when they were stopped at a checkpoint. Omar handed over his ID and other legal papers to one officer while another policeman was looking for illegal substances inside the car and found half a gram of weed with Samer. At this point, the officer confiscated and handcuffed Samer, and both men were taken to the police station for further investigation and ended up spending the night there.

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They face oppression, harassment, society's judgment and a wide array of discriminatory laws. In many Arab countries, engaging in same-sex relationships can subject one to imprisonment. In more severe cases, they are faced with the death penalty.

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Mohammad, 30, spent 11 days in detention in the Zahleh police station in after police arrested him for drug possession. He told Human Rights Watch that the police beat him severely until he confessed to using drugs. Ill-treatment and torture of detainees are serious problems in Lebanese police stations and in other pre-trial detention facilities manned by other security institutions.

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World's oldest profession the only option in Beirut for some refugee and undocumented migrant men. Beirut, Lebanon - In an economically troubled, conservative country where homosexual behaviour is taboo, a growing number of men are prostituting themselves to scrape together a living. When talking about his life "Hassan" hesitates, the words coming out with difficulty as he chain-smokes cigarettes and fiddles with his sweatshirt.

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Lebanon is one of the more liberal, progressive and gay friendly countries in the Arab world. However, this is by Arabic standards. In other words, being gay in Lebanon won't get you arrested with the risk of death sentence as it would in say, Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Ira nand neither is it as restrictive as in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. However, being openly gay in Lebanon is a criminal offence, so you definitely need to be cautious.

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Homosexuality is forbidden in most of the Arab world, and is against the law in Lebanon. But the gay community is quietly flourishing in Beirut, and some young Lebanese are hoping to spark a dialogue about homosexuality in their country. Homosexuality is forbidden in almost all of the Arab world.

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Fabian Maamari, a Swedish-Lebanese model and photographer, has Israeli social media excited. It really means a lot. Maamari has been living in Israel with his Israeli boyfriend for five months.


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