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Sex is part of healthy, happy marriage, and kids are curious, sneaky creatures who have a tendency to pop in at the exact wrong moment. It happens. And while, yes, the moment can be unbearably uncomfortable, it can also be hilarious, tender, and a good teaching experience.

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It's every kid's worst fear, biggest nightmare, and most traumatic childhood experience: walking in on your parents having sex. Nothing will scar a young person's eyes quite like the sight of the people who raised them going at it. We all know our parents do the nasty, but it's way easier to not think about that

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Apparently locks are not in vogue in the Ripa-Consuelos household. I, for one, am happy that Lola has at least some sense of humor about the ordeal, because walking in on your parents having sex, or having a child walk in on you having sex is a one-way trip to Trauma City. For all parties involved.

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They boated up while we were fucking on the dock, so I jumped into the lake and like… waved. The last night we were on the ship we waited until it was really late and started hooking up on the very front of the cruise ship. It was absolutely humiliating, I was so unbelievably happy to get off the ship the next morning and never see any of those people again. He ended up taking us to the station and we had to call our parents and have them pick us up because we were minors.

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It happens to most people at some point: You wake up late at night to strange noises until you realize--it's your parents having sex! Or, you come home earlier than they'd expect you and you walk in on your parents' "private time. You can't un-hear, you can't un-see, but you can deal with the situation and move on.

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By Rebecca Eckler Feb 13, Photo: iStockphoto. A shiver still goes up my spine when I think of the night, 31 years ago, that I heard my parents doing it.

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos ' daughter, Lola Consuelosgot an unwanted birthday surprise this weekend when she walked in on her parents having sex. The morning show host and her hubby told the embarrassing tale on Monday's episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. It all took place on Father's Day.

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One of the toughest challenges of becoming a parent is not losing your identity as a couple. Date nightsmake-out sessions, and, of course, sex become a lot harder to engage in spontaneously as kids do everything they can to ruin a romantic moment. Frankly, it's amazing anyone ends up with more than one. The trick, as these couples show, is to keep your wits — and clothes — about you and have a good sense of humor.

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So enjoy these moments when parents talk about their kids walking in while they were doing it. And if you're a parent, here's hoping you can get that alone time you need, even though that could lead to even more kids, who could potentially walk in on you while you do the deed. He immediately walked out and shut the door and my husband and I freaked out.

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One sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I were in bed, right in the middle of things, when he shouted and pulled the comforter over us. My feet get cold and I like to feel all snuggled up. But not that morning. That morning, my husband was feeling groovy.


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