Tender breast and vitamin e

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Your breasts may feel lumpier than usual, and they may even swell. Cyclic pain tends to get worse right before your period, then eases up afterward. Noncyclic breast pain is not related to your menstrual cycle.

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During fine-needle aspiration, a special needle is inserted into a breast lump, and any fluid is removed aspirated. Ultrasound — a procedure that uses sound waves to create images of your breast on a monitor — might be used to help place the needle. If you don't experience symptoms, or your symptoms are mild, no treatment is needed for fibrocystic breasts.

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Recent attempts have been focused on employing chemical and natural supplemental agents for treatment of cyclic mastalgia. Among various agents, the potential effects of vitamins remain questionable. In the present study, we examined the efficacy of two types of these vitamin supplements vitamin E and vitamin B6 in improving pain severity in cyclic mastalgia.

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Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Breast Pain Mastalgia : Management and Treatment.

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Vitamin E is a vitamin that dissolves in fat. It is found in many foods including vegetable oils, cereals, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and wheat germ oil. It is also available as a supplement.

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Breast tenderness. You may experience it just occasionally, be bothered for a few days each month before your period, or you may feel tortured by aching breasts for weeks at a time. Many women tell me their breasts are so achy and swollen that sometimes they are too painful to fit them into their bra.

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Michelle Zehr started writing professionally in She has written on health, fitness, fashion, interior design, home decorating,sports and finance for several websites. Zehr possesses a Bachelor of Arts in communication from the University of Pittsburgh, a Master of Arts in professional writing from Chatham University and a graduate certificate in health promotion from California University of Pennsylvania.

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The symptoms are grouped under a variety of different umbrella terms, including cyclical breast pain, cyclical mastalgia which literally means breast paincyclical mastitis or fibrocystic breast disease. Despite their severity and the disruption they can cause, most breast problems are benign, not cancer. Any unusual changes in your breasts should be reported to your doctor. If your discomfort definitely varies with your cycle, improving when your period begins, or fairly soon afterwards, then there is unlikely to be anything sinister at the root.

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It was breast pain mastalgia that led me to find the irregular area in my breast on Friday. I gave up caffeine for less than 24 hours — no evidence to support its effectiveness in reducing cysts and one small study suggests it can improve pain, although other studies say no. I had my mammogram both a screening and spot compression views of the irregular area.

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A more recent article on common breast problems is available. See related patient information handout on breast painwritten by Amy S. Weichel, D. Related Editorial.


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